Ramble 1: The beginning

I am a rambler. I love rambling and I constantly do it, whether I am on the school bus, in a car, in bed and especially in the washroom (I do think the toilet seat is a great place to sit and think on). Thus, I decided to pen down (or rather in this case, type down) my rambles. I wanted to preserve my sometimes, incoherent insane shit. For, it is necessary to do so. I have realized (after four failed blogging attempts, that is) that I am not meant to talk about a particular topic but that I must allow myself to flow free without any limitations.

I am an ambivert by nature and naturally, I do not like socializing all the time. But, sometimes I feel the need to be loquacious. Hence, I bring to you this blog of incessant rambling, hoping this is just the beginning and there will no end.


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