Ramble 5: What is this women empowerment shit??

It’s in the newspaper, it’s on the television, it’s in the ads, it’s on posters, it’s even on the bloody tees, IT’S EVERYWHERE! What is, you may ask? This women empowerment shit! Women empowerment simply in layman’s words is empowering women so that they can have equal standing in society politically, economically and socially. But, today women empowerment is being sold. It is the medium through which various persons try to showcase to the world that they are good feminist humans. Women empowerment is being misused not just by the male opportunistic but also by the conniving female. Using women empowerment, females are saving their calculative and manipulative asses. Women empowerment is not and I will repeat, is not a medium through which you can make the males suffer.

A man does not roughly engage in any strenuous physical activity with a woman only because he is afraid it will be branded him “insensitive to the women”. My dear ignorant fools, that is you “feminists” being unequal. By giving the females an unfair advantage over the males is screaming inequality. It is true that no man must be allowed to hit you on your private parts but that is applicable both ways. If you want the man and the woman to fight at the same level, allow it to happen. Do not be so stereotypical so as to indirectly say that a woman must be (in all cases) physically weaker than the man. If a woman is wrong, allow the man to hurl criticism at her. If she abuses, do not hold back the man saying that she is just a woman. Do not believe that a woman is incapable of domestic violence or harassment. If a man says that he is a victim of domestic violence or harassment, believe it just as you would have if it had been a woman. Allow equality to flourish. Not every man is bad and every woman good, not every man physically stronger and every woman physically weaker. Let women empowerment flourish the way it was supposed to. Fight for justice and equality rather than screwed up feminism. Dust away the impotence and remember that feminism is about fighting for equal rights of both women and men and not just to hand over some unfair advantage only to the women.

A video all must watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3PgH86OyEM


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