Ramble 6: That girl.

This post is going to be me only rambling. So buckle your seat belt and prepare yourself. And here we go, catapulted into my brain, baby.

Oh god that girl. I am not saying she is necessarily a bad person. It is only that she thinks too much about herself. She is self- centered. She thinks she’s perfect. Well, guess what? She is far from it. Nobody can help her, she is that lost flower in a beautiful summer garden. Dying for water. Dying for attention. She thinks her ideas are perfect and she is the best group leader, ever. But she is not. She has grand plans but her execution is hopeless. Who does she think she is? She wears diaphanous clothes in school. She tries to act like a natural psychologist. But, obviously she is not. She tries to act like she loves social work but it is all for grabbing attention. You know when somebody is passionate about what they are doing, she is not. She has to have an opinion about everything. Most of the things she says are gibberish. She is garrulous. She is pretentious and I am not the only one who says so. She has made more mistakes in her short 15 year life than people have in their lifetime. She is needy and cannot survive without being in horrible, disastrous relationships. Her best friend was caught smooching her boyfriend and she tolerated it. She still talks to both of them. For her, dating is a game wherein the prize will be ever-lasting popularity. She is that needy flower which withers without continuous drops of water. I might sound judgmental but I am rambling about this after two years of observation. I do not detest her but I would like her to change because even she knows she could so much better.


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