Ramble 7: Shut up Meghnan Trainor!

I do not understand the aim of the song. I am talking about Miss Tranior’s ‘All about that Bass’. While on one hand she is glorifying all the body types and telling us how everybody is so beautiful, on the other hand she is indirectly dissing the skinny body type. Oh, why?! She compares skinny girls to “Barbie dolls”. And trust me being compared to a Barbie doll ain’t a great feeling. I understand the essence of the song but the damned lyrics somewhat destroy it. At a glance when you first hear the song, you feel that she is hounding up against a particular body type in order to make the world believe that being skinny is not the only beauty. I commend her for her attempt to send out some positive vibes, but phrases like “stick figure silicon Barbie doll” or “Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches” is not appreciated. A person who listens to the song not with the highest level of concentration would get the message that she is being anti-skinny even if she isn’t. If her song is about embracing body types, she should include the skinny one too. Because even the skinny “bitches” feel not so great about their body all the time. And I know because I am one of them.


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