Ramble 8: The Black and White

I am dark skinned girl. And I am proud of it. But, why is it that when a person calls you fair, it is taken as a compliment but when called dark it is taken as an insult. I have come to realize that no matter how hard we try to uproot this discriminatory attitude, it keeps growing on. It is that stupid plant that we subconsciously keep on watering. In a description of a person, one might say “she is the one who is dark skinned”, usually it is taken as an insult by the other person. Being fair is synonym with pretty.


No matter how hard one tries, one cannot look beyond the color of the skin of a person. A model is prettier when she is fairer, an actress is prettier when she is fairer, a girlfriend is prettier when she is fairer. Well, if I call somebody dark skinned, I am not being discriminatory unless and until my tone is objectionable.

I have faced discrimination my entire life and I have reached a point where I no longer care. I have been made fun of too often. I ignore the fools. But what I cannot ignore is the fact that somebody might actually think that being told that you are dark is parallel to an insult. Because it is not. I think all of us, dark skinned girls and especially girls for it is they who have been subjected to such prejudice, pray to God for a change in the ignorant fools’ mentality.


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