Ramble 10: Lost in the three D’s


The three D’s: Depression, Despair and Devastation

If there were three words to describe me, currently, that would be it. I am depressed, in despair and hence devastated. I am beyond repair. Beyond recognition. I am no longer my jovial goofy moody self. I only have these moods now. Oh, what has life done to me. The sad part is not even in my dreams am I able to turn this around. Not even in the fantasies. There is no way I can change my destiny, this time.

The teacher I loved is now leaving me and there is nothing I can do about it. I cannot stop the tears from flowing freely, I cannot stop myself from staring at the sitting room where I know we would only sit for nine more classes. I am afraid that a new teacher will replace the friendly face of my present teacher in…

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