Ramble 11: Confusion is nothing new

So here in India, we have 11th and 12th which are like the FINAL years of school. For those two years we get drop subjects we don’t give a damn about and take up those subjects we love or just like or in some cases will have to tolerate. For me, the decision making time is very near, it will be only three months from now. And though I don’t show because I am cool (grins), I am scared. At least a little bit.

My dilemma is that I am unsure of whether I want to drop math or not. I like psychology and I might be pretty good at it, but I will never know if I take up math instead. I am not that great at math but I enjoy it. The issue is that I am unsure about my future plans. I think I will be good at being a professor, maybe a traveler or an explorer, a researcher. I know I lie somewhere in liberal arts. But the issue is that I love a lavish lifestyle. I love food, I like to call myself a connoisseur of good food. Yeah, I do understand that’s pretty fancy. I love trying new food items. Like on Tuesday, I ate a crab! Oh yum, its just like fish and I quite enjoyed it. And I cannot ditch shopping and you know, having a good standard of living. I also believe in having a family and marriage and all. Hence, I am unsure of what to do with my life. I am a workaholic, you guys. I love performing my best in work. I like writing historical stuff and reading historical fiction. I love historical fiction.

So, you guys, I am like pretty tense, I am unsure and the dates are close. And, if you guys could suggest something, that would be awesome 🙂

Sorry my thoughts are a little disjointed today, I have a got a lot going on.


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