Ramble 14: Stupid childhood memories

Oh my god, have you guys ever tried killing yourself? I did that when I was like 10 I guess. I just didn’t want to live any more and I was mad. So I took both of my hands and tried to suffocate myself. But I realized that the job was too tedious to begin with. So, then I picked up my kitchen knife and tried to stab myself, but then I was too chicken to do so.

I have also once packed all of my belongings and left home. I was like so teeny weeny young. And I was (again) mad. Very mad and just wanted to leave. When asked how will I support myself while living alone. I told my parents and that too very snobbily that I was going to own a lemonade stall and sell lemonade in the park which was in front of our house.

Have you guys ever done this???


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