Ramble 16: Being the opportunistic friend or the placatory one??

I joined the school I am presently in, in 2013. I met two inseparable friends and maneuvered my way into their friendship and found a place. Recently they have been sort of fighting. Not the cat girl fighting, but the silent (boring to watch) fighting. The two have been indifferent towards each other. But, I am the one in a dilemma. If you guys have seen Big Bang Theory and that episode where Amy is stuck between Bernadette and Penny arguing over Penny’s new pharmaceutical job. I feel like that. Except I am not that energized about the entire situation. The deal I do not know whether to be the ‘placatory’ friend or the ‘opportunistic’ one..

Case scenarios:

1) I am the placatory friend: I would be the saintly one and assume the role of a placatory friend and try to pacify the relationship between the two. Best case scenario, I get recognized because of my actions and they are in debt forever. Worst case scenario, they go back to being best friends again and I am once again stuck in the “middle”.

2) I am the opportunistic friend: I am the smart, devious one who tries to keep the two friends separate and enjoy both their company. Best case scenario, I keep this on forever. Worst case scenario, they find out of plotting because of a device called, cellphones. Damn it, then I would be doomed.

3) I have just invented this one: I do nothing and do not try either of the above mentioned. I enjoy the show and wait for them to resolve all this mess on their own.

Right now I have assumed the role of the third one. Just enjoying the show like a boss. 😉


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