Ramble 17: Love is beautiful

You know those times you are walking and there is a really cute perfect for each other couple walking in front of you and while they are swooning in love, your heart is breaking inside??

I felt exactly like that today. Just so alone, just so lonely. How amazing it is to find your first love in school itself but the perfect scenario is that you concentrate and top in your academics and still manage to have an amazingly healthy relationship with somebody special. I am not a romantic by nature but some days I just wish I weren’t so alone.

Those hand holding session, sweaty palms, nerve wrecking first kisses I have not entirely explored. When only the slightest of the touch of the other can make your body shiver with excitement, that is the relationship I would love. And I am pretty sure this is not only me. Even an amicable breakup in such scenarios is a memorable experience because the relationship was so beautiful that it can never truly die.

But I guess I will have to wait a long time before I can experience those moments. I just hope that I don’t wait forever.


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