Ramble 21: A trip for the Pottery students

An affair so close to home

It was on the 25th of November, 2014 that the capital decided to fall in love with ceramics, all over again. It was by organizing the International Ceramic Conclave; the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust proved to the world that Delhi is passionate about the visual arts. The conclave was held at the Habitat Centre in New Delhi. It boasted of a display of the works of 27 potters from 13 countries.

The expectation of us, visitors was not very high. We had not expected to be enthralled by the display of works. But, we were. From the setting of the room to the meeting with the potters; it was all very exciting. Each piece boasted of an individuality of its own, and was a star in its own its own right. Some of the pieces, like the hemispherical pots of Elena Mach from Russia had been inspired by the ancient art of the country. It was beautiful to see that history can inspire modern art. It was also wonderful to meet the potter and to learn about her inspirations. She also suggested that we visit Russia and I readily agreed. A piece of Martin McWilliam, from Germany had adopted a technique due to which his piece had 3D as well as a 2D effect. One of the potters, namely Tetsuya Tanaka from Japan had the creative idea of mixing metal with clay to create a perfectly balanced piece which had metallic effects. Some of the pots made by potters like Sasha Wardel and Patty Wouters from United Kingdom and Belgium respectively had translucent effects wherein the light would pass from the paper thin pots and it would feel as if the pot is illuminated. One of the very interesting ideas I had come across was what I like to call a “tree pot” wherein the potter, Leungho Yang from Korea had planted a seed inside his pot and fired it to make a lovely and eccentric work of art. What also caught my eye was Pollie and Garry Cuttley from United Kingdom’s work of Indian inspired art; which was a cloth made from clay and designed with Warli prints.

In this plethora of work of arts of various potters, I could see a kaleidoscope of dreams. In the enigmatic pieces, I somehow felt immersed. I am glad I viewed the affair between art and the capital because sometimes, it so happens that unknowingly we miss worldly beauty so close to home.


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