Ramble 27: I am back with a bang or a poem or both..


I haven’t been around this site for a while but I have been missing it, so here I am. To stay. Or at least I hope.

NAMELESS (you guys please name this)

Of the rocky days and the timeless tales I share with her,

This one is my favorite

The one where I while away my time with her

Revisiting my childhood memories

Or when I look out the window and besides me, she is my only companion

She can hear my thoughts and she whispers my name

She is there in the darkness, brighter than light

But, it hurts when instead of washing away my petulant worries

she mocks me, laughs at my anxiety

But I won’t complain

Because only I can see her

For we are like an old gay married couple

Sleeping together side by side, holding hands on turbulent nights

And keeping each other entertained on sleepless nights


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