Ramble 28: Personality Tests

In the world of confusion, I think taking personality tests sort of shows you the way. But, let us not take this too literally. What I actually mean is that taking a personality test is an interesting way to learn how to begin to fall in love with yourself. It is very important to do so to channel your inner strength and capabilities. Hence, presenting to you *drum roll* 16PERSONALITIES.COM (link: http://www.16personalities.com/)

The personality test on there is amazing accurate and it does get a little creepy but excitingly so. Plus, it is FREE!! I just feel that we all should take it for three reasons:

a) to deduce whether it is a great personality test

b) to “find” yourself, discover your potential

c) to feel great about your personality and show it off

I got an INTJ, which is one of the rarest personality types, especially for females. And, I feel great about it because not only is it very accurate but it also makes me feel special. And I like that. And I think you will do..!

-If you liked this post and found it relatable, please comment. I do care about your rambles, so feel free to ramble away ❤


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