Ramble 29: Post for the micro blogging contest at Harsh Reality

Infinite Travel

I am packing my suitcase, going to board an airplane with a first class ticket to The United States of America. Sounds pretty fun, right? Or maybe not.

The average tourist, like me and you every other year resolve to take one family or bachelor trip abroad. It is expensive but worth it we argue when we look to withdraw the cash stashed away in our bank accounts. Then out of the 195 countries on the world map except for your own of course, we try to zero down on the one lucky country which is going to be the cushion for our asses for a few weeks. But, let me ask you a question, now what is exactly the deciding factor when you choose a country? Is it the cities, is it national geographic, is it the women? I say it is perception and peer influence. Yes it is. So, when I decided to make a trip to the United States of America instead of a young unheard of nation like Timor Leste, it was not because I was completely enamored by the idea but because I too wanted to visit a nation which mostly people around me have been to.

Our travelling choices are also greatly influenced by our personality and perception. Often, it is what holds us back. Like, we perhaps would never think of vising Jerusalem because it is a city amidst confusion. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to visit Kashmir because of its vulnerability. Or maybe you wouldn’t want to visit Eastern Europe, because it is not a popular tourist destination. The above mentioned destination choices are unconventional, even risky. If you ever ask a person, Hey where all have you been to? These are rare answers. Not, because these destinations are not beautiful and inexpensive with friendly locals, but because of the half-baked information we have all soaked in like sponges and it will take too much time to squeeze all the dirt out of the pores.

Some might argue that it is just a travelling choice but travel is what leads to an exchange of ideas and culture and leads to acceptance of other societies and traditions. So, in fact something which seems such a trifle matters isn’t. It is important to dust away the cobweb which is ignorance and herd mentality. It is important to research and realize for ourselves that no nation or city or town or region is entirely secure and safe, each region is vulnerable to threats, some maybe more than others. But, if that is going to stop us from intermingling with the world as a whole then it is a shame. There is so much to fall in love with and we wouldn’t be tourists if we don’t let ourselves fall in love with unparalleled beauty over and over again because nothing should hold us back, especially not ourselves.


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