Ramble 31: How to expand your historical knowledge

Historical knowledge is not only eminent to have a better understanding of the past but also the be a good conversationalist. If you have been wondering how to expand your historical knowledge, just follow these three simple steps given below:

1) Look for documentaries: Youtube is wonderful place to expand your knowledge. Simply, look for videos related to history and watch them. Visuals are often a better way of expanding your knowledge than reading facts.

2) Read historical fiction: I, for one love historical fiction which is an intermingle of history and fiction. Though of all such books I have read, I know that only parts are fiction. So, for example I would say it is better because instead of stating a fact about somebody’s personality like “Mr. X hit the dog hence Mr. X is bad” in a novel, they would say Mr. X is not the best of persons followed by a plot line in which one incident is him hitting a dog and hence it is up to the reader to decided whether he is good or bad or just human. I feel that reading historical fiction gives you a chance to have a broader spectrum, the author has researched and yes, you can feel some biased opinions in the novel but we must remember that no historical account can be perfect. It is up to the duty of the readers to read some amount of books on a particular topic to form a firm judgment about any person.

Some of the historical fiction books I have read:

1. Second Empress
2. Palace of Illusions
3. Mistress of the throne
4. I, Claudius
5. Escape from Harem

3) Go for historical books: Once you have mastered the skill of enjoying historical fiction, it can be easy to move onto historical books which are your autobiographies, biographies. Here there is no fiction but there no plain facts. It is very interesting but of course it lacks the charm fiction has. Some examples are Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, Experiments of truth by Gandhi and Freedom at Midnight.

I hope this post has helped you in some way. Let me know if I can be of further assistance in perhaps helping you to select documentaries or recommending novels and so on. Do not forget to comment below because I would love to hear your opinion and your ramble. This is all about conversing!


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