Ramble 32: How to dress well if you are a short girl

So, some of you must be short like me. I have found it hard to dress well but have finally gotten around it. Here are some of the tips I would love to share with all of you to have a better dressing style.

1) Know your colors: It is really important to know which color suits you the best and more importantly which does not suit you at all regardless of your height. Each skin type has its pros and cons in the color department and it is important to educate yourself if you want to look good. For example, I am brown skinned so I feel that colors like cobalt and fuschia really pop when I wear them. I also like going with colors like black and light yellow’s. I think too much neon doesn’t suit this skin tone.

2) Know your body shape: If you are short, you are most probably a pear shaped beauty but you could also be a column. Know your body shape and learn to love it because that is so so important. Go calculate your body shape and know it to dress better.

3) Below I am going to list out specific items which you can and cannot wear:

– protest against skinny jeans
– say no capris, a big no. They look ugly on us.
– say no to tight 3/4ths
– say hello to pants especially with flared bottoms
– say hello to demi curve jeans, jeans with a little bit of flare at the bottom

Skirts and shorts:
– try to buy high waisted stuff since it elongates your legs
– A-line skirts look cool
– say no to poofy skirts

– Obviously, there are no major top restrictions
– Just try to draw attention to your upper half than your lower half i.e., wear sexy tops to look real good

– Learn to wear heels. This is the best tip I could have given
– Fall in love with boots and skirts, they look amazing together
– Buy a lot of neckpieces. Wear plain tops and feel free to accessorize
– Don’t wear baggy clothes, like never ever
– Don’t wear oversized or too much fur
– Don’t go too floral
– Don’t ever aim to look like a model, keep your style simple but hot
– Wear eyeliner, learn it. It is ESSENTIAL.
– Don’t wear necklace and earrings unless it looks real good. It can look too much on short girls
– Look your age
– Be yourself and feel comfortable. Don’t go to any length where you loose your comfort level



2 thoughts on “Ramble 32: How to dress well if you are a short girl

  1. Totally agree about dressing to your comfort level. Got to be comfortable! Check out my blog if you have a chance, its all about shopping for the short girl. It’s, pickypetite.com
    Picky petite

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