Ramble 33: Love affair in India

14th February, most call it Valentine’s day but India calls it Agitation day. All the star struck lovers of the West may question my phrase but thankfully, I have an answer. In India, there are protests against Valentine’s Day. Yes, protests against love. This is because people view love to be “against Indian values” and these are the same Indians whose ancestors authored Kama Sutra, the book of love. Ah! The pang of irony. These bigoted notorious philogamyists believe that Valentine’s Day defames the sacred institution of marriage. And, hence we should not celebrate this day and those who want to should marry instead! Some might say that this misconception has arisen from ignorance, I say it is unemployment. People are so free that their minds resort to idiotic deeds to fill the empty spaces in their day. Hence, they will attack anything that is supposedly anti-Indian because obviously this world just revolves around Indianization and we really can’t be global citizens because that is a crime. But, I hope we know love is not a crime and it should blossom

What were your Vday plans? Share in the comments below 🙂


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