Ramble 34: A poem

The windows wiped clean

The floor sparkled like new

Her blood can now never be traced, her remainders are few

The sole witness is the neighborhood dog, but I swear I”ll hunt him down too

For nobody can live after watching me kill my wife, not even you

The knife has been washed

her blood drained down the sink

I have destroyed her clothes

I swear, she no longer remains

I”ll soon burn all her pictures

It’s all just a waste of ink

It”ll be framed like a suicide and momma will be blamed

Darling, don’t hate the player, hate the game

The bitch’s been done with

And I”ll never have to see her again

But now you”ll ask me what did I gain?

I had promised my darling to get her a present for the anniversary

And, hell I am so creative

I got her something she can never forget

I simply outmaneuvered her at her own game

She had fed on my heart

And said she had no soul

But I just proved that she did.


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