Ramble 35: Living life or not..

She is 30: unemployed and single. Is this fun? That I cannot answer. What I can answer if that if today in the wake of change and questioning norms we are to lead an aimless life and call it “living life” then that is a shame. Living life is not a life without ambitions, dreams and courage to fulfill those dreams. It should be about achievements and passion. I feel that if in life there is no fire, no passion then it is pointless. This phrase “living life” is somewhat used to justify everything we do, be it when you are 10,15,25,45 or 80. It is perfectly fine if you are not married by 30 or are not popping some babies, but I do not think it is okay for you to just wake up every day and waste it when you can be out there leaving your mark. You can go out there doing so much but you just want to hole up inside and “live life” then probably it is all a waste of time. You should have something worth “living for. Yes, we need to break the existing norms and push out of the conventional life but that does not mean we need to propel into a life so meaningless even ghosts of our ancestors scoff.


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