Ramble 36: My trip to the book fair

I decided to do something people call “live blogging” and since my day yesterday was pretty interesting, I wanted to give it a shot. So, live blogging is basically blogging about your life. But, what I don’t get is who would want to read you drone about your life so to find an answer to that, I am live blogging. Yesterday I went to a world book fair here in Delhi and I have been going there for the past few years. It’s actually a lot of fun. You have like hundreds of stalls there ranging from second hand books to Penguin published books. You also get stationery there and I bought this cute little crocodile with holes in it to keep pencils. And then there was a stall where this lady was selling really cute books and I bought one and I think I might like it. I am really really excited to read all the books I bought there which I am going to list down below. The fair is actually really very pretty and huge so yes, I was very tired by the end of it all. You also have this amazing offer going on there which is like 3 books for Rs. 100 and obviously those are second hand books but they are in a really good state. And that inspired me to open my own stall during summer break sometime and maybe I could sell my childhood books which is occupying too much space in my huge bookshelf. And then I”ll send the money to charity. I think it will be a whole lot of fun. And I want to be passionate about it like the lady at that pretty bookshelf is because I think these moments make up life and makes it all worth it.

The books I bought:

1) Horrible histories: Terrible tudors

2) Horrible histories: The rotten romans

3) Horrible histories: The vicious Vikings

4) Wanting mor

5) Faking 19

6) Sophie’s world

7) Queen of ice


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