Ramble 37: Short story: First attempt at satire

Harlod Field was a pitbull. Like all dogs he woofed, barked and sneered but unlike all dogs he was good at concealing his power. He did not attempt to get into fights, usually seemed aloof and whenever he did his master waved it calling it aberration. But the fact was that it was not aberration, something which everyone would soon find out.

For Harold Field was on a boat trip on a high and mighty ship and oh! What a marvelous ship it was. But, Harold Field was not the type to lazily bask in the sun or gently sip a martini. He was a ruffian, a recalcitrant and he demanded for some action. As always, his master could never have a tight leash on Harold for the dog was an independent bastard.

Harold needed entertainment and he needed it fast. So, he decided to play around with a parrot which was perched on a chimney of sorts. Harold picked on the parrot because he thought that the parrot was easy prey, perhaps he had forgotten that parrots can do one thing dogs can’t; fly. Harold taunted the parrot, called it names, barked at it but the parrot was no less. It taunted Harold back, enticing him with all his might. And oh boy was Harold enticed. He was enraged. He leapt at the parrot hoping to make it his supper but as soon as Harold jumped did the bird fly. The bird even gave Harold a little push on his behind with his beak. And lo and behold, how the mighty fell. He fell in what seemed like a dungeon of Black Death but was in fact the good old chimney with his body upside down. This seemed like his undoing.

Harold Field fell on a fat unruly man with a wild mustache who was smoking a cigarette. The man’s lit cigarette hit Harold’s arse. Harold needed relief from the burn and from the enraged fat man and he needed it quickly lest it be too late. Harold jumped in the nearby sea which circumscribed him from all around, thinking it to be a safe haven compared to what was around him. But, as we all know no dog however mighty can escape the claws of the tyrannous sea.


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