Ramble 30: 10 reasons not to go forward with an FWB



A friends with benefits relationship sounds so ridiculously sinful. Something which gives you an edge, after all you are getting some action without conversation. How wonderful it sounds- but only in Wonderland. A friends with benefits relationship is devastating for feelings, deplorable for values and shameful for reputation. But, some say that who cares about reputation and values because those are constructed by society, they are a fabrication of human expectations. But, what about feelings? Are those, too fabrication of human expectations. Aren’t those very real, very innate and very true. Hence, going by personal experience, I present to you 10 REASONS NOT TO ENTER AN FWB:

1) It is only physical: The “friends” in an FWB don’t care about each other. It is purely physical. It objectifies the other as tools for sexual pleasure. Instead, go buy sex toys instead of degrading a living breathing human being.

2) There is…

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