Ramble 40: Are we afraid of the unknown?

Taken inspiration from the article ‘Nomadic Dreams’ (https://whitemagickvibes.wordpress.com/)

The gushing waters, the blue mountains, the fresh lakes, the boiling deserts they all boast of different creatures each basking in their uniqueness. We admire the little beetles crawling on the leafy ground. We admire the various monkeys swinging on the trees calling out sounds we cannot comprehend. We admire the eloquent song of the beautiful birds which adorn thick carpeted forests. We admire the penguins squawking about with their webbed feet and humpty-dumpty like body. We admire what we know as the quintessential of nature. But do we admire its other gifts, funnily enough various lifestyles of our own species?

In those vast hidden forests beyond the roar of the mighty lions lie some secluded humans namely known as tribes. In the thick forests of Arunachal Pradesh revering their trees reside the Wanchos, another tribe. These tribes or nomadic groups live in seclusion, hidden in places unknown much like some of the other rare species which inhabit the Earth. But unlike the other species we do not respect nomadic culture.

Nomads live in seclusion hence, they are primitive. Let us first take a look at the definition of primitive: it is something which is old and antique. By that definition so are we.

We associate these cultures with the word backwardness. Now think about it a culture which revers nature and realizes the importance of it every day is backward? Those who have realized the fruits of nature and cherish it have somewhat already achieved earthly nirvana. How can such cultures which are close-knit and beautifully weaved together be backward? If we think about it it is us who are backward since we are the ones who have fragmented society and we are the ones who pick on the weak. We are attached to material life. We are unhappy in life’s little hurdles. Not they. Then how do they become backward or primitive? They have been around for as long as we have. We both have lived in societies. The only difference is they learned to respect and we never will.


Leave your thoughts, comments and rambles in the comment section below. Criticism is more than welcome. I love arguments. 🙂


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