Ramble 43: New obsession

Every time I have free time on my hands I tend to do things which are completely useless, be it watching Zoella’s hauls and wishing I had clothes like she does or be it checking out my favorite Youtube channels for funny videos. But now I have developed this new sort of insane and addictive obsession: online shopping.

Yes. You read it right. While most would think that sitting on a chair with your legs wrapped around your body is the perfect way to shop, I beg to differ. This new online shopping trend is a bane not a boon. Almost always the pictures differ from the reality and you never know whether those pretty shoes you bought for the holidays are going to (not) give you shoes bites. Well my recent worry is that I am sort of developing to be a shopaholic. Especially because when I get to buy stuff online I am extremely indecisive and I keep over thinking because the choices are simply too many to narrow down, like for example I was (or am) going to buy this beautiful white bag from Forever 21 online and then I started wondering whether white would get dirty really easily or not. It is a really beautiful bag and I really want it but I am just not sure. Also I really need a bag for the trip I am going to go for on the 10th.

Even though this post is sort of juvenile but I hope you know what I mean if any of you share these (extremely annoying) traits with me then you should know indecisive+over thinkers # online shopping. I am trying to get rid of this new obsession but I just don’t know how. Help?

This is the bag I am talking about. Beauty, eh?
This is the bag I am talking about. Beauty, eh?

I would really appreciate if you help by posting in the comment section below. Thank you


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