Ramble 44: Add a little bit of lethargy to ten spoonfuls of restlesness= summer holidays

Yes. It is that time of the time. That time of the year when ‘I’ either tend to go all the way up with being the perfect nerd (which means that I usually carry around a checklist of homework around with me like all the time. Uh, yes not kidding, I am not called the perfect nerd for nothing) or like this time around, I am PROCRASTINATING.

Oh yes. Normal human being return part 1.

Drinking my coffee like that except I am not drinking coffee. Sorry bad joke. What is happening to me??!!

I think the internet is taking over. Uh, shit?

I keep watching youtube videos, (listen I think it is confectious (confectionary+infectious) I am eating them up if that is what you are wondering, just choking it down my throat.

Well now back to homework. So yeah even though this time I have CHOSEN my subjects I am not really pumped, there is a lot of researched and I think I am just bored? So yeah nerd pride all gone. Lazy pride in. Or is it…?

I think I am just bullshitting my way through because I am tired of being a good girl. No wonder I have been doing everything wrong, my god I am a youtube obsessed fan choking videos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have been bitten by the badass bug. Wow, now I know how badasses feel like.

Good girls gone bad
Good girls gone bad

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