Ramble 37: Short story: First attempt at satire


Harlod Field was a pitbull. Like all dogs he woofed, barked and sneered but unlike all dogs he was good at concealing his power. He did not attempt to get into fights, usually seemed aloof and whenever he did his master waved it calling it aberration. But the fact was that it was not aberration, something which everyone would soon find out.

For Harold Field was on a boat trip on a high and mighty ship and oh! What a marvelous ship it was. But, Harold Field was not the type to lazily bask in the sun or gently sip a martini. He was a ruffian, a recalcitrant and he demanded for some action. As always, his master could never have a tight leash on Harold for the dog was an independent bastard.

Harold needed entertainment and he needed it fast. So, he decided to play around with a parrot…

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