Ramble 47: Humor me

Humor me
Humor me

Humor me. Yes, humor me. Humor me for I gave you life; I placed those cunning words to roll on your tongue; the lyrical verses to delight the sadist; the romantic words to enthrall a romanticist. God made your form, I have given it shape. I have made you more than a being; I have implanted in you a human soul.

A human being delights in attempting to “better” the inferior multi-cellular organisms it sees around it. Giving voice to the rain, human like persona to the pig, a character to the bird; we live in a world dominated by us, for us, but forgetting it is not by us. When we personify an object, giving it human characteristics we forget it has an identity of our regardless of our “meddling”.  Say the pig has now become Uncle Sam but the pig’s purpose of existence was not to humor your funny bones but rather to play its part in nature; it has or had an identity regardless of the human characteristics you have assigned.

Whatever man cannot understand is termed as foreign, alien, barbarian or non-human. It is that same idea we implant into the way we view the world; of how because we do not understand the dog’s bark we ignore its bark and concentrate on what it does not have; a human voice. Rather than appreciating the uniqueness of nature we attempt to make it conform to our own narrow ideas of ‘complexity’. Man is only hearing the sound of nature but is still not listening.

The man’s belief that it is superior to the other living creatures on Earth is faulty, for if he can believe that he can survive without the bacteria in the air he is gravely mistaken.


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