Ramble 49: An old article hidden in some dusty folder

This is a really old article. I wrote it two years back I guess. Then and now my writing styles have changed, undergone much mutilation, scanning, refreshing. But I like this article for its simplicity hence I present it to you.

INDIA is in

                         PURSUIT of CHANGE

-Arushi Gupta 


Ajoy Keshri, a 55 year old Bengali currently based as an engineer in Delhi, has seen India change and develop. He has been a witness to India’s ongoing struggle with its old traditions against the new ones in the making. In this article, he talks about how India has grown and changed over the past 15 to 20 years.


India has celebrated 67 years as an independent nation and I have been around for 55 of them. In the past 50 decades and a half, much has changed and much is yet to change. Today, my childhood and that of the current generation are far from similar and we don’t know whom to thank or whom to blame.

India is a land of diverse communities and in such a land, social beliefs will always have a stronghold. There has been a major difference in what has changed from yesterday to today; our mentality.

In the 1970’s, from an early age, children were reminded of their roles and places in society and were instructed to follow the age old traditions. However today, these barriers of responsibility which kept the youth from exploring have been broken down. In 2014, the world of a child revolves around education. During my childhood, I was a witness to the discrimination against the Muslims in orthodox Hindu homes. Whenever the Haji Sahab used to come over, we served him in different cups and plates and that was acceptable and natural. However, this is not the case now. Also, being a witness to my Bua’s widowed state has made me realized how times have changed for widows in India (at least in the urban areas).

I can recall that in my engineering days, our batch was the first in which a girl had enrolled. After three years in the course, the strength of the girls was only six. However, when I visited my college a few years back I saw that the strength had not only increased but had increased to such an extent that they constructed a girl’s hostel!

When anybody asks if every change in the country is good or not, I prefer to keep silent and I think that is an answer in itself. Change is constant but not every change is positive. India’s strength is that she easily embraced westernization and imparts it as modern education but this is also India’s greatest weakness.


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