Ramble 50: I write articles for a purpose, do you?

Read below to find my article I wrote for school. I write for a purpose (usually school). Do you? I would love to hear from you so feel free to comment below.


Dispassion is not the essence of success

Call me a child stuck in the world of fairy tales but I shall tell you now that 10 years from now I would like to get up and go do the work I love. I would like to sit in front of my desk and not groan for a change. I would like to raise my hands in the spirit of my job and say ‘I can do this to the best of my ability’.

I do not want to work for the sake of it. I want to work so that every ounce of my hard work churns a perfervid penny of satisfaction. That for me is worth more than piles of money. For me, success is when you go back home from work yearning to get up and go back the very next day. Success is when you give life meaning and purpose and like the old Hindu saying, you have come empty handed and you shall leave so.

Passion is not just in profession, but it is also in the art of living. True success lies in your ability to live your fullest while doing what you love or bringing love to what you do. Hence, the ones who achieve true success are the ones who are able to meet sustenance with passion; prominence with choice. Success and passion are the fruits of the same tree called life; you pluck them together or not at all.

For me, success lies in the very beauty of the ability to be impassionate yet rational. So, take this piecemeal of thought with you ‘do whatever with passion or not at all.’


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