Ramble 53: The essay I wrote

Do you think that the young people of a country need to be the force behind bringing about a change in it?

Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind the idea we now call Facebook was only twenty when he developed it along with his four other peers. In doing so he brought about a change in social media as we know it today. He had an idea, a bright little idea which he pulled out of his hat like a notorious little magician and left us in childlike awe. But, so did Narendra Modi, his charisma turns us into giggling school girls whenever he comes up on the stage because so is his stage presence. He has instilled conviction in us that we now believe he can do it, even if he can’t.

So is the power of ideas and of the persons who sells those ideas. Ideas may or may not revolutionize lives but they are a beginning. Every generation has its own share of new ideas, for one the youth of today have ideas about freedom and individuality like never before. Basically, every generation is smarter than the previous. And this is because ‘wisdom does not come with age’; it comes with exposure and confrontation to various perspectives. Every generation’s ideas are borrowed, shared and sculpted to suit their present day’s needs.

However, no generation’s ideas can said to be more modern than the previous. Modernity and progressiveness cannot be generalized; it differs from individual to individual. It may or may not be that a man is in his sixties is more accepting and progressive than a youth in his twenties. Age does not play a characteristic role in it; mind-sets do. When we look at Voltaire’s revolutionary ideas we do not look at his age rather we look at his thought provoking new found ideas.

Yes, it is true that the youth have a spirit of energy and better sculpted ideas than the previous generation. But that is true for each and every new generation which is just learning to grasp the earth beneath their feet. Each and every generation needs to drive the country they are in because eventually they shall be the leaders, lawyers, the teachers of tomorrow. But that does not mean that they are born with superior innate ideas. A man may theoretically believe in respecting a woman but whether he does it or not completely depends on his mind-set and his succumbence to the age old ideas which revolve around his immediate society. A person is not defined by the generation they are born into but rather the ideas they choose to believe in.

If I put this in simpler words, anybody who makes a change in himself can make a change in the world. His ideas and actions are a reflection of his environment and of his ignorance or absence of it. Yes, the youth do need to come forward but without pushing the older generations behind. For if a country needs to grow it needs to grow without discrimination, hand in hand.


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