Ramble 54: I am pushing out all my essays

Has the ‘American Dream’ failed the African American community the US, comment in context of #BlackLivesMatter and the many recent incidences of police brutality on them?

for lives matter
for lives matter

I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character…I have a dream…I have a dream.

And alas that is only a dream

Martin Luther King Jr was one of the greatest proponents of racial equality and justice in America. He had a dream, like his fellow black men and women to imagine a nation where racism has been lit a blaze. In February, 2012 that dream was almost crushed. In February, a white man named as George Zimmerman killed a boy who shared his name with that of King; Trayvon Martin. After six weeks of a limbo period was Zimmerman arrested and after a month of trial with not much deliberation was the verdict declared to be not guilty.

Guilty were thou hearts and they know.

Martin was not just another black teenager; he was also another discriminated black teenager. He too was the citizen of a country with a black president and with citizens of black hearts who believe that after forty years after the last explicitly racial law was taken off the book their country has changed. What is sad is that the judicial system has not only failed to understand is that not only #blacklivesmatter but also acknowledgement of racism matters. What is sad is that the façade of the American dream which has worked for the lucky few like Obama has provided for a so called silver lining to this darkest cloud.

Perhaps the American dream never did exist. It was all a rosy wall built to hide the inherent structural inequality, racism, imperialism, genocide and all of the other ingredients which make up the real American society. Perhaps the American dream is only for the lucky few who can by themselves pull through the evils of society. Perhaps it is not for those who are to be blamed for their own miserable lives; after all it is not the fault of the ugly scapegoating done by a system which perpetuates inequality.

The black life does matter. Racism did exist. Racism continues to exist. And no revocation of law can change history. The world saw with its scorching eyes when Treyvon Martin was denied justice and when Martin King had a dream. He had a dream. The million black lives have a dream; they dream for the existence of the American dream they were promised because they need that little sunlit ray of hope amongst this pothole of ugly mess.


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