Ramble 55: The burp which tops all other burps


I believe a good meal can be judged by how much you love the taste of the after burp.

And I believe one of the greatest tragedies in life is the underestimation of the burp. Really, it helps you digest AND is an afterthought of your food. MMMM, I love me some good burp.

In Italy (I went there for the summer holidays) I had (for the very first time) veal. To be more specific I enjoyed saltimbocca, one of the classic Italian dishes. If you do not know what that is, it is delicious veal meat coupled with parma ham which melts in your mouth like a pot of gold and a sauce so wonderful, so everlasting that even Ramsay would smile. Hehehe I can imagine his wicked tongue licking his lips. To top it all the location was even more perfect. It was a beautiful summery day in Venice and we were basking in glory of the sun while enjoying the perfect Italian meal.

And then the sweet pickle to end it all was that delicious burp after my deal maker meal.

And not to mention one glass of wine.


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