Ramble 59: Rywd i’n hoffi coffi

Welsh coffee....MMM

My friend is addicted to coffee. Maybe that is a milder, nicer way to put it. It is more like if coffee is New York city then my friend is the Empire State Building, if coffee is Paris then my friend is the Eiffel Tower. So on her instance I went back home and had some good old cup of hot freshly brewed coffee at 5 pm. I was enjoying the aroma of the coffee beans and the delicious chocolate on top, not realizing that it was warding off any sleep sedatives that my brain had self induced in me. In the half an hour of sipping the coffee like a sensitive grandma, I visited the washroom thrice to clean myself up (because I had dropped it twice on myself and once on my book, it still has a huge stain in case you are wondering..). The coffee did its trick and it augmented any exuberance I had to such a level that I managed to finish all my work even when I was tired as fuck. I was on the top of the world, because (as an A type) any work done is my happy little pill. It is 10:30 now and it is sleep time. I haven’t slept properly in ages and I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep. I lay in my bed waiting for the sleep fairy to take me away and in an hour of whiling my time in conjuring up nonsense in order to trick my brain into letting me sleep, I realized it was the coffee trap. I spent my time talking to the coffee addicted friend of mine and cracking lame ass puns on pansexuality. After that I resolved to never drink coffee again, yes, my soiree is never to include coffee ever again. CURSE YOU, COFFEE BEANS!

By the way, in case you were wondering; Rywd i’n hoffi coffi is the cute welsh phrase for I like coffee. Uhh, this is making me cringe.


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