Ramble 61: 10 reasons why Scream Queen should be on your to watch list

Scream Queens is a new show directed by the great Ryan Murphy (the one with cliched and idiosyncratic shows like Glee and American Horror Story). Before we jump in I suggest you watch the trailer because it would get half the convincing done already.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FtenR69qmk

Let us begin on decoding Scream Queen, one pawn at a time

  1. There is a lot of screaming: Now why is that a good thing, you argue? Well, because I personally love titles which deliver. It was meant to be about screaming and it is in a completely exciting way.
  2. It is a parody: Who does not love jokes and jibs about the world? Well, Scream Queens is poking fun at sororities, traditions, and horror stories. I don’t know what more you could want, really.
  3. It has cliched comical characters: Want a bit of horror but don’t want to shit in your pants? Want some cheesy lines, a douche bag, the classic closet gay, and an icy bitch? Scream Queen has it all. It is basically like a teen flick but with wicked surprises. MMM, now that calls for some popcorn.
  4. Characters surprise you: I personally hate when characters do not have layers of personality to them; I like some secrets, some lies and a twisted personality. Each character has it all. I think Boone tops the list though and Nick Jonas cuddling a frog makes for another reason already 😉
  5. It has a stellar cast: You can never be worried about the acting because it is studded with gems of a cast like Emma Stone, Lea Michele amongst others.
  6. It has a hilarious villain: The villain wears a red devil costume and kills people in ingenious ways.
  7. They have charming ways of murdering people: Aah, Ryan Murphy…sometimes I wonder if he conjured this at night as a kid because that would be as creepy as the way he likes to kill off his characters..one at a time.
  8. The Dad: I know this screams ‘girl…you are making something out of nothing’ but after you watch the show, you have to admit the dad is pretty awesome. With the badass playlists, the swooning jawline and the caring attitude he makes a darn hot good dad.
  9. The bitch: I always believed if you need to be a bitch, do it like Regina George or not at all until Chanel a.k.a Emma Roberts came along and made Lea Michele drink her finger bowl water. Now that is nastyyy
  10. Its feminine: I love shows which have a stellar woman cast and this show tops the charts. From the fact that Grace is more awesome than any other character on the show to Chanel’s power packed kick for the devil….believe me I was screaming GO GIRL! by the end of it and if you do not love a show like that, what can you love?

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