Ramble 62: And then God said…’Let there be music’

When you really think about it, what has religion really given the world? Sure, you could say blind faith, collectivism and too many wars. But in reality religion failed to give harmony to the world, stability, peace or order, spirituality all fell flat when it came to wooing the human heart. But, what has remained is sincere music. Be it the Hindu bhajans, the Tibetan chants, the southern gospels, the Church choir, or the Sufi qawwalis. The soulful music and the heart wrenching passion for God has surpassed all pretense of spirituality which we hold aloft. Truly, music can vibrate through the thickest of jungles made of bones and broken dreams, it can really revive it all.

There is a Tibetan monastery in Rumtek where the Tibetan monks breathe music in silence with their haunting chants, such that even the pauses seem electrifying and the soft touches of God can create peaceful pandemonium in the heart.

God did not talk about Adam or Eve or about caste or abstinence, God only instructed man to give his heart to music and let the music reside in the chaos; right where it belongs.

Kabir Das wrote a doha (a couplet), he said

‘Jab main tha tab hari nahin, ab hari hai main nahin

Sab andhiyara mit gaya jab deepak dekhe maahin’

(when I was there, God wasn’t and now that God is there, I am not

Darkness has been warded off by the light of the diya or candle)

*Inspired by Special Lassi, go read it on goodreads!


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