Ramble 63: Dear younger me #1: Battling social anxiety

Dear meI have never shared anything very personal on this blog before. I haven’t talked about who I am as a person today or what I have been through in the past sixteen years. However, this #1 is a beginning to change exactly that.

Dear younger me,

Snap out of it. But I know you can’t. I know it is hard and I understand. I know it is hard to act like you belong even when you feel alien. But you know you can do it. Not right now, maybe not in a couple of days, maybe not in months but in a year or so. You will do just fine. One day you will have that confidence swag you always envied. You would be the one talking on stage and embracing the warmth of that round of applause. You will not be scared anymore and everything would be simple. People would look at you in awe when you open your mouth. Friends would tell you that they love you every time they meet you. You would feel proud to walk in the school hallways and you would smile for no reason at all. But that won’t happen if you don’t try, try to be yourself every day. You know you can joke around, you know you can make other laugh and cry and you can talk like Socrates on a normal day without any trials and tribulations. Don’t you get it? it would be alright. You know you feel out of place and maybe it is taking you longer to get there but the end result will be the same i.e. you will get there. And until then, I am here to love you because through thick and thin, you would always be there for yourself.


your future (much more confident and proud) self


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