Ramble 67: What the world is wrong about #1

Every Sunday I am going to post a segment called ‘what the world is wrong about’. I would simply talk about all myths we take as hard core facts; stuff that might make you smarter day by day.


#1; 4/10/15

Myth: Cleopatra was Egyptian

Fact: Cleopatra was of Greek heritage

Deets: Cleopatra VII of the Ptolemy dynasty was of Greek heritage. When Alexander the Great died without an heir the his vast empire generals fought for power and the various territories he controlled. Ptolemy got the Egyptian portion. They took up the traditions/customs and dress styles of the Egyptian royals and made themselves the rulers of Egypt creating the Ptolemy dynasty. Hence, though she lived in Egypt her bloodline was Greek but she adopted the Egyptian lifestyle (like so many other foreigners have like Amorites in Mari)


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