Ramble 68: 50 things that make me happy


As long as we are on the road of writing personalized posts, I decided to pick this one up which could tell you a bit about myself if that is, an audience exists. Inspired by my friend’s (unfortunately, since we are maintaining a level of secrecy on here and yes, I am being hypocritical I realize I cannot possibly link her post) post on the same topic I decided to give ‘daily’ blogging a chance.

The 50 things that make me happy (in no specific order)

  1. my sister
  2. my family
  3. good food
  4. road trips
  5. the sun
  6. dancing
  7. compliments
  8. flirting
  9. sex (pretty sure it will)
  10. good music
  11. adventures
  12. Disney world
  13. clothes
  14. existence of feminism
  15. sarcasm
  16. friendships
  17. laughs
  18. a good painting
  19. cards
  20. gifts
  21. books (reading)
  22. forests
  23. moutains
  24. infinite natures of nature
  25. wet mud (geeli miti)
  26. national flag or anthem
  27. presence of incense sticks
  28. playing cards
  29. creativity
  30. talking, meeting new people, socializing
  31. basking in the warmth of my own presence
  32. the ‘i love you’s’
  33. risks
  34. a good old change
  35. home
  36. that euphoria of rejuvenation after yog (yoga)
  37. making lists and striking things off
  38. bubble baths
  39. playing with fevicol
  40. success
  41. country pride moments
  42. seeing my parents smile because they are proud of me
  43. peacocks dancing
  44. writing
  45. exceeding expectations
  46. old jokes which never grow old
  47. fantasies (especially the ones when I am in awe of my own imagination)
  48. blogging
  49. getting lost
  50. feeling loved

…what makes you happy?


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