Ramble 71: When God decided to shun


As a little girl I was told to believe in karma.

Growing up, I was fed with ‘good happens to those who do good’

I believed in it

I put my trust in God

And felt deep pain, sorrow, repent when I broke God’s “faith”

I prayed at night

Hoping for a prettier tomorrow

Because I, a hopeless fool believed in the divine

The restorer of balance, of justice and stability

But does it really exist?

I question it when I feel injustice is being pushed down the throat of those who don’t deserve it

From that beggar on the street to the child refugee lying flat face on the sea

Is it really about karma

Or was that all just a cruel joke?

When I have kids, do I teach them about karma and doing good in the world when I am an example of all that doesn’t exist?

When I see the ones who made me cry laugh and get away with it

And this is when I refuse to believe all I believed in it

And, really

Sometimes God really disappoints…


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