Ramble 72: Sonder

Personal note: I know it has been a long time since well, I have updated. But, I have been super busy traveling around India and with no inspiration; as a bemused writer. But writer’s block has surpassed (at least for today) and I only care to simply share.


You know that feeling of realizing that even though everybody is so very different there is a common thread? This weird ass link which is maybe the umbilical cord tying the entire human population? Maybe you don’t know that feeling, not because you are less of a cognitive individual, but because it has not blessed your mortal (yet immortal) soul. It is called sonder. In simple dictionary terms it is the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. But it is so much more than just a realization. It is a window, maybe the first time you really open your eyes; maybe the entire time you were sleeping. The day you realize that the pigtail girl in the ragged clothes or the old snake charmer in the village or the businessman in the bling cities or you all lead complex lives. Even though some might not read or some may not share your language or seem to be little or not educated at all, they still share what we all have in common; the magnificent human brain.

It is called sonder; the sonder upon which to yonder and yes, the ‘realization’ is absolutely beautiful.


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