Ramble 73: Wishing us a special anniversary



Oh, yes it is one year and one day since the beginning of this blog! And yes, I missed the anniversary which was yesterday because WordPress (cursing under breath) failed to send me a notification. Maybe it was a glitch or a technical over lapse, but let us not get into the incompetence of technology when concerned with simple logic. But, coming back to the very very special day (which I missed); it was on 25th October, 2015 and on some random banal teenage evening I must have mulled over the possibilities of achieving stardom (and not having to study any further) through a personal blog. Alas! as expected, that quite didn’t work out. But on the brighter side (like Hufflepuffs always annoyingly pinpoint) there were some rainbows in the blogging nebulous sky. I did manage to write 72 blog posts in a year! Yes, 72 and no I am not unhappy about it. Yes, it wasn’t hundred and yes, some were not even recognized by the blogging world but nonetheless it is a joy to read them all over again.

Through a personal blog I managed to not only get followers but discovered a new me from old times. Couple this with ounces of confidence in my writing and learning to use humor as a technique to inveigh visitors.

But, the best of all has been the comments. So on this very special day (which was supposed to be the 25th of October, so for goodness’ sake let us pretend) I am going to exemplify some of the truly heart touching comments I have received over the past year.

Top 5 comments of year 2014-15 (25th October- almost 25th October)

5. Wasim speaks on 28/10/14 on Ramble 2: How I feel lonely when I am alone

Being alone among friends is really the worst feeling. Nice thoughts!

4. Kopalcheema on 06/06/15 on Ramble 42: Beauty for the beasts

well written!

3. Harsh reality on 02/10/15 on Ramble 29: Post for the micro blogging contest at Harsh Reality

That was a very interesting perspective of the outside world in relationship to how America is viewed. Thanks for sharing that! What a great write! -OM

2. Idiosity on 30/5/15 on Ramble 43: You know what’s fucked up?:

I think the essay is extremely grounded and honest, and it truly reflects your morals as a person. My honest advice is that some institutions aren’t very receptive of that kind of uncensored truth, it makes them uncomfortable. But if I were you, I’d proudly submit that, because it’s written beautifully and even if you don’t get what you sought out for, you’ve been entirely true to yourself. Good luck!

1. Whitemvibes on 26/05/15 on Ramble 38: Looking for afghan

Wow that’s amazing ! I’ve been obsessed with Afghanistan for a couple of years now !! I’m Kashmiri myself, there’s a chance I may be from Afghan heritage, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve never met an Afghan either ! I don’t like the Kite Runner, but I adore 1000 splendid suns !! I wish they’d make a movie !
Whenever I think of Afghanistan, I think of gorgeous mountains, a rich culture, beautiful Mosques – Afghanistan has its own blue Mosque. It’s amazing !! And I love the fact that Afghans are from such different heritages, many are from Chinese heritage. I’d love to go there someday.
My new blog is mainly travel and I might do a piece on Afghanistan one day !!

The entire journey has been spectacular; seeing myself evolve as a write and more importantly as a person. Though I was not able to reach a hundred followers in a year which was my personal goal, this still makes me very happy. Every time somebody hits the follow button I feel my heart flutter with excitement because it means one more person to reach, to touch the soul only with words. This year my only New Year’s resolution will be with head up high, to keep going.

And, thank you all.


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