Ramble 75: why I can be nothing more than a rambler

This post is going to easily summarize why I am such a big rambler. It is because I am going to ramble about how I don’t have a boyfriend and more importantly how my parents won’t let me have one but most important of all how nobody has asked me out.

Back in 9th grade when I had a love life of sorts, I used to wonder how people got around an year without any action happening. Now I know how. Miserably. It is terrible that I have to just sit and whine about how no guy is asking me out or complimenting me. It is just making me miserable. There is no highlight of the year, nothing at all. I am stuck in such a shit hole that I am sick of this. Imagine, the only highlight of the year is that some guy said that he wants to fuck me. As a joke and pun intended. HAHAHAHAHAHA. WOW MY LIFE: U R A SUCKS.


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