Ramble 77: It might be hard to find but here is why your creative space is worth it

where I belong
where I belong

It was a while ago when I found out that I cannot function without my creative space. Like all normal human beings I don’t have just one but many creative spaces. But like every creative space, some are better than others. When I was ten, I became strangely interested in story-telling with toiletries. Yes, I know how particularly weird that sounds. But, brushes make fine actors and bars of soap are excellent furniture. Perhaps, it was the fascination which made me realize that I think really well with my butt on the toilet seat.

For writing, I cannot do it on paper. Something in my creative side of the brain just begs to differ with me when I pick up the pen to write imaginatively , which is also why my exam papers are usually pathetic. What works best for me is typing on Microsoft word especially for poems; unexplained reasons why. I have now trained myself to think on this format creatively, too to efficiently write my blog posts.

But the best of all has to be the time period between when your eyelids are heavy and drooping and when you are lying wide awake. That beautiful journey aka the time I take before I sleep is my most creative, original and mind blowing space where I think about my whackiest, strangest and wildly out of the box ideas. There is something about that time where my subconscious takes control of the vaguely conscious me and produces a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious writer in me. No, I have not made up that word. Check it out!

Now we come to the question which is the most important: why should you figure out your creative space? Do you want to be this freaking awe- inspired writer, individual and person? If the answer is yes, then the first step is to figure out where you think the best. It does not matter where you do it but as long as you find it your life would be better.

Thinking right is the key to success


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