Ramble 85: To the Goddess of Tears

A class in mathematics often reminds me everything else I could have done with my time. Looking outside the window I wonder if I could have flown around the earth twice by the time I finish one question of trigonometry. But, today math class was cracking me up even more; even more than the times I think about my mother telling me how I seriously would fail FAIL to subtract 2015 and 1969 and how much I know she is right.

Today, the class was even more megalomaniac while flushing my leftover logical incidences as I watched my classmate rap away to DJ wale babu mera gana chala de

*cue hood and sleepy eyes*

I lost my shit over that stint involving a ridiculously popular song and some bad ass moves in a class where you least expect it. And while all this washed out partying and high on meth activities is going on my friend’s head pops out of nowhere and cheekily goes all “So, listen..” I try to shut her up but her shit continues “I think I am moving to the U.K.” Silence and a snort after “Are you kidding me right now? Your parents are going to make you move to the U.K. in the middle of term. I am not falling for this, AGAIN.” the again bit surprised her because that was not a story I had shared.

To cut to the chase I got to know about my friend moving to the U.K., and this is not just any friend, rather as we all know by now I meticulously pick and choose, dust even, my friends a little bit before securing and sealing friendships. Hence, I honestly expected the tears to come.

Like an over flowing cascading waterfall. But..erm, they didn’t?! They still haven’t. And coming from an overly emotional nose-running and tissue spoiling girl it is a grave worry. WHY IS IT NOT COMING? Of course, I feel heart broken and cheated and like a complete fucking loser but I do not, DO NOT feel like crying!

Erm..so the goddess of tears, please come? Pretty wet slobbery please?


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