Ramble 86: Disclaimer: Femmes love to judge

If my egoistic personality would ever allow my hypocrisy to slip this minor anti-feminist trait about me, this is how it would go:

I would choose a particularly depressing evening with the lights gone out akin to the one in their heart when they hear about this; complete with rain packed action and all and perhaps even a slow song. My target would be my close friend who pretends to understand my complicated brain, messes and all.

Me: Listen there is something I need to tell you

Her: What? Are you gay?! Wait are you dumb?

Me: Um, no. I could never be dumb. It is just that I think I am a tad bit hypocritical. Not a lot, but a little bit.

Her: As in?

Me: It is just that I love to judge girls with pretty faces. Like I know she has got it easy in life when you look at her face hence, I seem to think that it is alright for me to judge all her actions based on the fact that God modeled her better than most of us. And honestly, with women I become a tiger. Like what she got to hide?

I don’t know how she would respond but perhaps she might want to check herself out in the mirror lest my follow up eyes stare her to her grave.


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