Ramble 90: Stop! But then again, maybe I won’t.

I had ruined another school day by murdering my diminished hope at a chance of having a social life. I hadn’t embarrassed myself with my actions, it was just my dirty mouth.

When I think back to what went wrong with high school and my failed attempts to becoming ‘hot-shot, miss popular’ was contrary to popular belief not my attitude but just who I am. I am-an unapologetic 12th grader with a sassy mouth and a couple of double entendres that nobody pretends to get. People tell me that I have a ‘problem’- the only problem I seem to have is that ever since seventh grade my mind seemed to run in the opposite direction of everything ‘modest’. I can’t help it, my mind just happens to think of hundred different possibilities of what is synonymous with erect.

All throughout my high school years I tried to tone the erections of my jokes down but like David, it never happened. And now I have stopped bothering, because unlike other girls I don’t shy away from talking about things that make me grin because I can joke about it for the plain reason that I am downplaying its sexual and contentious nature not trivializing it.

I would always tell you that there is something wrong with three boobs or a mile long penis only because my mouth can. 😉


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