Ramble 91: Raphael, badass brush master.

All said and done about Michelangelo and Leonardo but nobody can beat the panache of Raphael and his beret and handsome features. Raphael’s Italian handsome face and a swish of the brush has in itself proved to be extremely ‘Renaissance-like’. Raphael may have been one of the many artists to have picked up the brush and said ‘Boy I think I can paint!’ but what made him really famous?

Was it his innate capability to charm or goof around on the frescoes or was it pure darn luck? Was it just his fate knowing of Bramante, assistant of Pope Julius II, his upbringing in Urbino or his talent?

There are two sides to the same canvas. One might say that he was *air kisses* oh, so talented but the other side may argue that so was Artemisia Gentileschi or Massachio, both relatively unheard of. What, perhaps made Raphael so famous was a luck in the gain of the tenders, a pure chance meet and a bit of Italian fairy dust.


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