Ramble 93: Bajirao Mastani or Kashi ki Bezubani?

I just went to watch a movie in one of the old boring cinemas just 15 minutes from my house. It took a car ride and three hours worth of telecasting for me to fall in love with the elegant Kashi, Peshwa Bajirao’s first wife. The movie was melodramatic, over hauled, used the word ‘ishk’ 15 times and the actor froze in air twice.

But apart from such discrepancies, it did teach me about love and acceptance. But in an entirely unconventional way. It was through Kashi’s eyes that I saw love: proud and clear. In my mind, Kashi became a symbol of accepting the outcast, loving unconditionally and giving listlessly. It was beautifully played by Priyanka Chopra and I consider it to be the actor’s finest work yet. Kashi, as the Peshwa’s wife hesitantly embraced the Peshwa’s illegitimate love with open arms when nobody else would. With a heart of gold, I was left awed by how a woman could be so down to earth and forgiving as she. Often, with extra-marital affairs I would wonder why it was the ‘other woman’ who got the beating rather than the husband and I was afraid of this one sided ‘justice’. But, Kashi dispelled my fears as she understood the trauma of the young blood.

I know I hardly have followers, lest Indian followers but if you can do watch this movie, though it may be over stretched it will leave you with a message LOUD AND CLEAR of love, acceptance and relationships.


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