Ramble 97: Sisters and midnight snacks

“Didi….Didi! I am hungry”. I wish I had pretended to be dead.

These were the words of my ebullient sister as she begged me to help her procure a midnight snack. I was angry and amused at the same time; I flipped between snorting and frowning. She begged me to come along to the kitchen because she was too afraid to walk on her own.

‘Silent night, hungry night’.

So, we walked towards the kitchen. I stood there, watching her as she pulled a tin of biscuits with only one cookie and left and as she reached for the box of chips inside. Then, she did what no ruffian at 12:00 am would think of doing; dining like a princess. She pulled out a bowl and delicately pour the chips in, the balls of spices floating in her midnight bowl. I let out an exasperated sigh, would have loved to bash her head against the wall if only I could have stopped laughing. She told me to hold the chips’ packet and I yanked her head for taking too much time. We switched off the kitchen light, returned to the bedroom where she ‘truly dined like a princess’.

It was 12:00am and I was drowsy and exhausted. I yawned my way through as she munched on her ‘midnight snack’, refusing to switch off the light. She enjoyed herself thoroughly.

I wish I had pretended to be dead.




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