Diary of a Word Weaver

Coffee Beans

The tinkle of a tiny bell alerted the customers of a new presence in the coffee shop.  As two figures walked step in step towards the counter, all anyone could notice was how starkly one contrasted the other. Where one was ebony, all angular cheekbones and mystery and grace, the other was ivory, full cheeks, softness and warmth.

Scurrying after them was a young girl, whose poise would rival her sisters. Decked in denim and a breezy smile, she selected a seat exclusive of their parents, wanting to spend as much time as she could with her impassive sisters.

Ebony was on order placing duty, for she possessed the natural elegance and confidence that was the envy of her sisters. Her counterpart however was keeping an eye on the little one, while looking about, drinking in the coffee drenched atmosphere . In doing so she  noticed the group…

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